New News Story

After a week of making a wide variety of books, our book making week ended with an open afternoon for parents and friends to come into school and work alongside the pupils as they made pop up pages for their books in Class 2, book marks in Class 1 and completed their fabulous fable pop-up books in Class 3. Of course the real treat was to look at some of the work already completed during the week including Magic Carpet books in Class 1, Puddle Story Books in Class 2 with beautifully patterned covers and interactive digital books in Class 3.

Pupils ready for a great end to Book Making Week

How many book characters can you recognise?


Parents could also share in the news that all Class 2's time travelling tales were to be published in the book 'Time Travelling Tales - Around the World' as they had all met the challenge of writing a story in under 100 words. Class 1 were excited as they entered their Magic Carpet stories into the Radio 2  500 words story telling competition. We will wait to hear if we have any winners.

An Alien in Underpants, Tigger, Paddington and Little Red Riding Hood, all under the watchful eye of Cruella De Vil

Everyone dressed up for the occasion as one of their favourite book characters so school was a very colourful place to work! It was great to see some of our afternoom visitors also join in with pre-schoolers Ruby and Robin coming along as Scully and Snow White.


A trio of heroines, an Umpa-Lumpa and Mr Willy Wonka himself


A well dressed Ratty, Wally and a Time Travelling Lord

The afternoon concluded with a parade around the school hall so that costumes could be appreciated and one or two of the more obscure characters guessed at.

Overall it was a very successful week with over £47 raised through wearing lots of dots on Monday for braille books for children and a school full of parents and friends to share in the work of the children on Friday. We now look forward to celebrating the work of Shakespeare juts before our Easter weekend break.