New News Story

Members of Sark Watch met after school on Friday 4th March for a litter pick along the main roads of Sark. It was a good turn out with four adults and nine children.

We were all relieved when the sun came out as it had been a very wet afternoon with frequent heavy showers. It did mean that the roads were all very wet but, as usual, we were all prepared with waterproofs, wellies and gloves.

One group head for the church while the other group head north.

The group split into two, one group heading north to do the top loop past L’Eperquerie and the other group heading for the church and then along the Avenue, both groups meeting up again at the Carrefour Crossroads before returning to the Island Hall.


Finding glass at the top of the bank and searching for litter in the hedges

Both groups worked with enthusiasm, climbing banks, reaching into hedges and picking up colourful litter from the muddy roads. The most noticeable things found were empty drinks cans, a couple of plastic water bottles, a long piece of tubing and a brown bottle. It was also surprising to find four clear glasses at various points! A number of gloves were found placed on walls and one hanging from a twig but the decision was made to leave these where they were in the hope that their owners would come along and find them.  Overall the view was that there was relatively little litter.


Plastic, cans and glass found in various hedges.

It was agreed that we would do another litter pick before the tourist season starts and also make a real effort to go along some of the more popular paths as well as the roads.

The whole group with two bin bags and a plastic bag of litter plus one long piece of tubing!


We were all delighted to find out that our event coincided with the launch of Keep Britain Tidy’s launch of ‘Clean for the Queen’ so registered our event as part of the project to clean up for the Queen’s 90th birthday.