Visit of the Commonwealth Baton

Today the Commonwealth Baton visited school as part of its tour of the Commonwealth before the 2018 Games begin on the Gold Coast of Australia in April.

On the way to the harbour

Arriving at the harbour it was met by Nicky Dewe, one of the Sark athletes hoping to go to the games, Andrew Bache, Deputy Seigneur and five pupils from Class 3 [who were delighted by ice-creams from Minnie at the Harbour Cafe, thank you Minnie].

Nicky Dewe and Adam who is accompanying the baton, in Creux Harbour

Having enjoyed a trip on the toast rack the baton came to school for a special assembly where we learnt all about its design and also the countries it had already visited. Each class shared facts about different countries in the Commonwealth before a group photo and then a parade around the field.

Learning about the baton and how it was made.

Every one had the opportunity to hold and examine the baton.

Katrina leads the parade.

Adam passes the baton to Esmee.

Cerys carries the baton

The baton left Sark to continue its tour of the Commonwealth via Herm, Jersey and then on to Asia.

Whole School Group Photo with the Baton