Sark Watch at the Inter-Island Environment Meeting

The Inter-Island Environment Meeting took place at the Island Hall on 21st and 22nd September with delegates from all the Channel Islands and the UK including the Isle of Wight. Katie and Georgia, leaders of Sark Watch, from Class 3, were responsible for leading a rock pool ramble for some of the delegates on Thursday afternoon.

‘We met the delegates at the Island Hall and everyone who wanted to come on the ramble gathered by us. Then we went outside to check how many were in the group, there were 12 delegates plus Jo Birch, Mrs Cottle and us, making 16 in total. We slowly walked down to L’Eperquerie and then sat on the grass. We told them about the tidal range and the beach code. Then we set off looking for sea creatures on the beach.

We found two different species of cling fish, two red velvet crabs, shore crabs, shrimps, two rock gobies, strawberry anemones and other species. One of the delegates, Carlos from Alderney, took a piece of red seaweed with him to look at under a microscope as he couldn’t identify it in any of the books we had with us. Bob, from Jersey, was very knowledgeable and helped identify lots of the things we found.


After the beach we went to the rock pool and found a cushion starfish and a lot of shrimps. This was disappointing as usually we find a lot more. We walked back to the hall at the end. We were very lucky as we had expected it to rain. Everyone said they enjoyed the ramble.’ [Katie & Georgia]

On Friday morning Katie and Georgia gave a presentation to the seventy delegates about the work of Sark Watch. Despite being very nervous they gave a confident presentation to the seventy delegates that packed the Boardroom followed by lunch so they could answer more questions and find out more about environmental projects on the other islands.

The whole school had taken part in a poster competition for the Environment Meeting with delegates choosing winning posters from all the entries. Every pupil had designed and made a poster about some aspect of Sark that was special to them.

The winners were announced on Friday with Keely winning second prize for her lovely poster of La Coupee and Katrina winning first prize for a beautiful poster about the Silver Studded Blue Butterfly.