Winter Litter Pick

A small number of Sark Watch members turned up for the winter litter pick with groups led by Mr and Mrs Cottle. Mrs Cottle's group litter picked along the road down to the Carrefour, to the Avenue and then back to the hall. Mr Cottle led his group along Rue de la Sermon and then across the Mill, past the Visitor's Centre and then back to school.

Both groups were shocked by the number of cans, bottles and glasses in the hedges. One group even found a half bottle of vodka! There were very few sweet and crisp wrappers and this seems to indicate that it is adults who are responsible for most of the litter along the roads in Sark.


Our strangest items found were two light bulbs and an empty tin of hot dog sausages. Harry and Edouard even found a large piece of roofing material, probably blown off by the recent gales.  In total we collected just over two bin bags of rubbish. The bags were very heavy due to the number of empty glass bottles.

Katie, Sark Watch leader, said after the litter pick, ' What I don't understand is that there are bins across the road so why do people put their litter in the hedge?' Cerys added,' They put the litter by the bin but not in it!' Katie and Georgia are now going to make posters to place around the island to remind people to put their litter in the bin.

The next Sark Watch Event is a beach clean on Saturday 17th March.