AfRIS Day Tues 20th March


Chris and Scott, two very enthusiastic scientists, came to school on Tuesday to lead a number of workshops for all the students. 

All the children were involved in workshops throughout the day, learning about our solar system, gravity and stars and constellations.

Everyone learnt an enormous amount; here are some of the fascinating facts Class 2 learnt.

‘I knew it was red but I didn’t know that Pluto looked like it had rivers of blood on it. Cameron didn’t like it. ‘[Alfie]

‘One of the 68 moons of Jupiter which is called I.O has loads of volcanoes. In fact it has the most volcanic activity of anywhere in our galaxy.’ [Edouard]

‘Another of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, has a deep frozen ocean and in about 10 years they are going to send a probe up and put a submarine in to see what is there. Maybe there will be life.’ [Zack]

‘In the galaxy there are 200 billion stars, each star has planets. There are 200 billion stars in a galaxy and over 200 billion galaxies. Also our sun is not the biggest star. Red stars are cooler than blue stars. Our sun looks big because it is the nearest to Earth. It is actually quite a small star.’[Roxanne]

‘On Mars there is the biggest volcano in the galaxy, Olympus Mons but also other smaller volcanoes.’ [Florence]

‘Stars form constellations and some are in patterns that look like pans and oil cans.’ [Harry]

‘There is an enormous canyon on Mars, it is seven miles deep, it is deeper than the height of Everest.’ [Caspar]

At the end of the day many of the children returned with parents to learn more about the nature of light and our galaxy. The 'gravity' table was very popular!


It was a brilliant day with the majority of children describing the day as awesome, interesting, fun and excellent in their evaluations, giving the day a score of five out of five.

Many thanks to Craig and Scott who also seemed to enjoy their day at Sark School with Craig emailing 'It was good to meet you all yesterday and once again, thank you for making the necessary arrangements for our visit, and for looking after us so well throughout the day. It was a wonderful experience for us, and the glorious weather this morning was just icing on the cake.'