School Heads for Herm!

Pupils and staff are now back in school after their three day camp in Herm. The trip got off to a wonderful start as dolphins entertained us as we set off from Maseline Harbour on Wednesday morning - for many of us this was the first time we had seen dolphins near the boat and as Mat said 'it can only go downhill from here!' Luckily we had splendidly sunny and warm weather throughout the camp which together with cheerful and well behaved pupils made for a very successful, if tiring few days.

Watch out for more news and stories as we sort through the vast number of photographs and upload them to the website, including Candice's great video of the dolphins.


Well done to all the children and a massive thankyou to our three parent helpers, Karen, Mat and Gemma as well as teaching assistant Ali, who worked so hard to make the camp a success.