Bear-tastic Time at Our Family Afternoon

 With binoculars to make and  bears to hunt for before a  whole range of songs to sing, it was a very busy afternoon. Craft activities included making bear faces, panda bears out of tissue paper and an essential pair of binoculars for bear hunting. On the other side of the hall, children could go looking for hidden bears in shaving foam, ice, autumn leaves, cornflower paste and other exciting textures and materials.

Here Louie and Cerys share their favourite parts of the afternoon.

I was finding the bears in the shaving foam. The foam was soapy and smooth. We knew which ice block had the bear in it because it had a sort of hole in it. I liked finding the bears. I put the wrong bear in the ice tub to see if people could find it and Joseph did!  By Louie


One of my favourite things was the cornflower in the water. When you squeeze it, it is really hard but when you let go, it is soft. It is not as messy as the shaving foam! The ice cubes were really cold and froze my brain. My favourite song was ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. It was funny because they were only being chased by a bunny rabbit and they thought it was a bear. I really like family afternoons because they are fun and you get to see other friends who are too young to come to school yet. By Cerys


The next family afternoon is on Friday 12th December with the theme of 'Christmas'!