Our School

As the only school on Sark, we are a small school providing education for all the children on the island.

The school is not part of the UK or Channel Island education systems but is funded by the island and run by the Education Committee which is responsible to Chief Pleas, the island’s government.

The school uses the UK National Curriculum as a rough guide but the curriculum is adapted and extended to meet the needs of the children of Sark and reflect the unique nature of their island home.

Children enter Class 1, and the reception year, in the year in which they are five and progress through the four classes within the school, leaving on the completion of their examinations at the end of Year 11.

The school has worked hard over the past few years to extend the curriculum in Key Stage 4 and increase the number of formal exams that can be taken. Students study for their GCSEs by either being taught by school staff or through using a variety of distance learning approaches - including the Nisai Virtual Academy. Exams are taken at The Guernsey Grammar School during the summer term.

Due to the very small size of the school, some parents choose to send their children to secondary schools in the UK or Guernsey in order to take advantage of the wider opportunities available and be part of a much larger peer group. Children usually move at the beginning of Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 but this is flexible and a move can take place at any time.

Sark is the perfect place for outdoor education with children in Classes 1 & 2 having weekly Forest or Beach School days and the school co-ordinating the work of the Sark Watch Group, supported by the Alderney Wildlife Trust.