20th November 2014

Class 2 goes to Forest School.

My Forest School Report

On Thursday the 20th of November 2014 Class 2 went to our Forest School site for the day. When we got there we had a photo of the school for the school’s Christmas cards. Then Mrs Hunt gave us a challenge! We were given a newspaper to stick back together; I was partners with Keely my friend, we managed to stick together half of the paper because some of the pieces were missing. After we had done as much as we could we went down to the fire circle for tuck and juice.  Then we were told what we were going to do. We had to split into two groups. My group were doing equations; we used natural materials for the calculations. The sticks were worth 1, the leaves were worth 5 and the stones were worth 10. Once we had finished we sat down to have lunch. After lunch we had a play; Keely, Georgia, Joyce and I did some climbing. Georgia pretended to be a wolf. We were pretending that we were in a world war. Then we were given a challenge: To build a tower as tall as possible! I built the tower with Keely and Georgia. We found a massive pile of sticks no one else found it. After that we had to go back to school.

By Esmee Byrne

My Forest School Report

Thursday the 20th of November Class 2 went to Forest School. First we had tuck and did an activity; it was to stick newspapers back together. I was partners with Joyce. At the end we had two pieces left. Next we had a school Christmas picture with Class 1, Class 3 and Class 4. After that we went into 2 groups; I did multiplying with Mrs Hunt. It was me, Finn, Esmee, Keely and Nathan. The other group was Phoebe, Adam, Joyce, Martin and Katie and they were building towers out of wood. When my group had finished it was lunch time.

After lunch my group were building towers and the other group went to Mrs Hunt. I was making a tower with Esmee and Keely.  It was very hard to keep the sticks up and trying to get the wood because a lot of the wood had fungus on it. When the other group had finished we were given the choice of doing a bit more on our towers or we could make some things out of nature, newspaper and felt tip pens. Esmee Keely and I kept going on our towers because we wanted to be happy about what we had done. When everybody had done, we all had hot chocolate and marshmallows then we had to make things.  I made a microphone. Lastly we had to tidy up; it was mostly me, Esmee, Keely and Joyce so we were able to have a treat. Then Class 2 went back to school to go home.

By Georgia Bateson