Art & DT

Art and Design Technology are timetabled to occur for one afternoon each week – though sometimes ‘incidental’ art or design and technology may occur as part of other subject areas, such as English, history or science.

Though many of the designated art and DT afternoons are geared towards enhancing the study of current topics in other curriculum areas, there are also opportunities given to study and emulate particular artists and to enhance and develop certain skills in formally instructed lessons. We have also taken advantage of our environment and ventured ‘out and about’ to sketch and paint our island.

The strands for art and design as provided by the DfES are:

­ Creativity  Making and producing imaginative images, artifacts, exploring and experimenting with ideas, materials, tools and techniques, and taking risks and learning from mistakes.

­ Competence  Investigating, analysing, designing, making, reflecting and evaluating effectively.

­ Cultural understanding  Engaging with a range of images and artifacts from different contexts, recognising the varied characteristics of different cultures and using them to inform their creating and making. 

­ Critical understanding  Exploring visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others’ work, developing their own views and expressing reasoned judgments, and analysing and reflecting on work from diverse contexts.