Autumn Beach Clean

On Thursday 25th September the Sark Watch Group set off as soon as school ended to take part in the Great British Beach Clean at Dixcart Beach.


Walking down through the meadow and arriving at Dixcart Beach.

The eleven children and 6 adults arrived at the beach and, once fortified with chocolate biscuits, split into groups of three and spread out to look for and collect any litter.


Collecting litter in groups and finding the ink cartridge!

Every piece of litter was recorded so that results could be sent to the survey team before being put into black sacks.

The good news was that very little litter was found. There were a few plastic bottle tops, a couple of glass bottles and an old pair of shoes. The most unusual item was a printer cartridge.

Various pieces of glass from quite sharp to very smooth.

The children were fascinated to see how small pieces of glass were being worn down by the tidal action of the sea, finding some green glass that had been worn beautifully smooth.

The Sark Watch Group

The whole activity lasted an hour with the party leaving the beach at 5pm and dropping off the bag of litter at Stocks Hotel. Many thanks to Stocks for disposing of it for us so we didn’t have to carry it up the meadow!