Class 3

This is a place on the school website that should be of use to you - the children of Class 3.

Here you will find links to help you complete classroom projects and homework - or just things that might be of interest to you.

Our current timetable, for Spring 2017 is:

The Spring term is split into two half terms. The planned topics for this half term are:



Continuous development of spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as enhancement of vocabulary and advanced comprehension skills.

This term we are going to be having a focus on grammar followed by a 3 week creative writing project.


This term we will be covering:

Time, measurement and percentages amongst other things.

French We are beginning to conjugate verbs as well as develop more sophisticated verbal communication.

Respiration and Breathing


Research projects


History -  The Stuarts

The Arts

Art - Linked to other subject areas

Physical Education

PE on Thursdays