Complaints Procedure

Guidance to Parents


At Sark School we are dedicated to giving all children the best possible education and caring properly for their health, safety and welfare at all times. We are committed to working closely with parents and believe that the school and parents must work together in partnership, each carrying out their own particular responsibilities to help pupils gain the most from their time in school.

If you feel that something is not going quite as you would like it to, that we are doing something that you are unhappy with, or not doing something that you feel we should, please tell us about it.

The first step - Please arrange to discuss any concerns with your child’s class teacher, or with the particular teacher concerned. We hope that most problems can be sorted out this way.

The second step - If, after speaking to your child’s teacher, you do not feel that your complaint has been properly dealt with, or if your concern is about the conduct of a particular teacher, then you should discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

The third step – You should make a formal written complaint to the Headteacher, unless the complaint is about the conduct of the Headteacher.

The Headteacher will undertake an  investigation and the outcome communicated to you within 10 school days. The written response will include a full explanation of the decision and the reasons for it (if additional time is required to formulate a response this should be explained to you). Where appropriate the response should include what action the school will take to resolve it.

Taking matters further - If your complaint is about the conduct of the Headteacher, or if you are dissatisfied with the Headteacher’s response to your formal complaint letter, then you need to contact the Education Committee. You should send written details of your complaint, with any correspondence and evidence to support your complaint, to the CSO Caroline Robins.

The Education Committee will investigate your complaint and write to advise you of the outcome. The decision of the Education Committee is final.

Anonymous Complaints

The Headteacher, Director of Education and the Education Committee will not consider anonymous complaints.  Any anonymous complaints will be retained and used  to monitor any patterns of complaints.

Vexatious Complaints

There may be occasions when, despite all stages of the procedures having been followed, the complainant remains dissatisfied.  If the complainant tries to reopen the same issue, the Education Committee will inform them in writing that the procedure has been exhausted and that the matter is now closed.

Reviewing the policy

The Headteacher, Director of Education and the Education Committee will review the policy on a yearly cycle (or more often if required) and monitor the number of complaints received, how these were addressed and any action taken.