Daffodil Planting

Sark Adventures on Thursday 27th November 2014


On Thursday 27th November 2014 Class 2 went planting daffodils. First we got all our waterproofs on and then we set off. We went out the back door and round the back of the Island Hall. By the field there is a bank and we planted three daffodils, each, there. I had a trowel and that was easier for that type of dirt. I did mine really quickly and then I put my trowel and in the box. After that I just paddled in the massive puddle nearby; while I waited for the others. When everybody had done we walked over to the other side of the field and out onto the road. We planted lots of bulbs. I planted eleven there. I had a fork instead of a trowel but I was glad because it was easier to lift up the soil. Apart from the roots getting caught up in the prongs and the prongs bening it all went fine.

When we had planted quite allot of bulbs we went back to school and had lunch.

After lunch we were split up into two groups. I was with Nathan, Georgia, Finn and Phoebe but then Georgia swapped with Esmee because I was the only year four. The other group went to make biscuits and we stuck leaves on the trees and then we swapped. When we had both made biscuits and put leaves on trees we played some true or false games and played human bar charts. Then we had hot chocolate and we ate out biscuits and we had a story and played hangman.

By Joyce Adams


On Thursday we went to plant daffodils on the bank at the back of the hall. I dug really quickly and I planted 2 daffodils then we went to the other side of the field on to the road to plant more daffodils. I planted 29 daffodils, it was great fun.

Then we came back to school for lunch.  I had a cheese spread sandwich and after I had a baby bel and a drink. Then we went on the computer and I went on Friv   and I played Big World War and I won then I moved on to Home Sheep Home it was great fun.  I got up to level 4 because it was hard . After lunch we stuck leaves on trees there was a beech, sycamore, oak and horse chestnut. Next  we played a game outside it was ‘true or false’  Finn and Phoebe  won and then we played human bar charts after that we came inside and ate chocolate marshmallows and then we had hot chocolate  and listened to a story.  

By Nathan Joyner