Home Learning


Outstanding projects and home study for the week beginning Monday 26th June


Time spent on the new Maths Passport targets will not be added to this homestudy schedule - though it is expected that effort on target attainment is regular and productive.

Each child will need to spend different amounts of time on each target to achieve it.

Subject Specifics Date Set To be done by

IXL maths practise for the whole class

To ideally be done in sessions no longer than half an hour in duration.

Year 545 mins [ideally over 2 or 3 sessions]

Work from the sections called: geometric measurement; units of measurement


Year 6 - 60 mins [ideally over 2 or 3 sessions]

Work from the sections called: geometric measurement; three dimensional figures

Year 7 - 90 mins [ideally over 3 sessions]

Work from the sections called geometric measurement; units of measurement

Year 8 - 120 mins [ideally over 4 sessions]

Work from the sections called: geometric measurement; three dimensional figures

Every Monday



Other Maths

None currently set


None currently set



TARGET WORK None currently set. Varies The next day
Independent Study None currently set    

None currently set.


None currently set

RE None currently set    

None currently set




None currently set



Art None currently set    
Group Reading

Group 1: None currently set*



Group 2: None currently set* Wednesdays Wednesdays
Group 3: None currently set* Thursdays Thursdays
Group 4: None currently set* Fridays Fridays


*Additional comprehension work on the ReadTheory website is optional.

It is expected that children keep a learning journal which will occasionally be made available for the teacher to see. It is rare that there will be time in the school day for this to be completed and so it will have to be done at home. How much is done, or how it is done, is up to the individual but it should be a true reflection of what they have learned in school.

Unfinished classwork that is being completed at home may not always be listed in the table above if it is for individuals rather than groups or the whole class.