ICT and Computing

At Sark School much of the ICT taught in Class 3 is done so in conjunction with other curriculum areas – e.g. Microsoft Excel when learning about graphs, Microsoft Publisher when studying Newspapers, Microsoft PowerPoint when preparing for a Speaking and Listening presentation, Logo when studying angle and Microsoft Word when other forms of writing are undertaken.

When discrete lessons are taught the topics covered include:

  • Web design and the use of HTML as a language.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint as a tool for creating multimedia presentations.
  • Paint.NET and Photoshop as tools for creating electronic art.
  • Spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel.
  • Databases using Microsoft Access.
  • Search engines, e-mail and the internet – including the reliability of websites – to search effectively for information and select information from a variety of sources; and how to bookmark chosen websites so that they are easily found.
  • e-safety
  • Simulation and computer generated environments.
  • The history of computing and technological development.
  • Computing and programming languages including Binary, Hexadecimal and Python.
  • How computer systems work.
  • How ICT is used in the real world.
  • How to create and use folders to store and organise work.

We currently use Microsoft Office 2010 on a network of computers running the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. As this is a common software package in most places of work it has been decided that the ECDL qualification, which consolidates the knowledge, understanding and use of this package, is to be introduced.

In the Academic Year 2013/2014 Sark School acquired accreditation to teach the ECDL from BCS.