La Maison - the house

The first video covers the vocabulary for the rooms in the house.

Vocabulary in the first video includes:




the attic le grenier
the bathroom la salle de bain
the bedroom la chambre
the cellar la cave
the dining room le salle à manger
the garage le garage
the hallway l'entrée / le vestibule / le hall
the kitchen la cuisine
the living room le salon
the playroom la salle de jeux
the study / office le bureau
the toilet les toilettes
Also (not in the video)  
the laundry room/utility room la baunderie
the basement le sous-sol
the room (in a house) le pièce
the garden le jardin

The second video is more general vocabulary concerning the house - not room specific.

More house vocabulary - this time common furniture.

This fourth video includes some random objects that you'd find in the house.

This next video is still concerned with objects around the house but this time we're focussing on the kitchen.

Another video containing kitchen vocabulary.

This last video focusses on vocabulary associated with the bathroom.