Litter Picks

Winter Litter Pick

A very small group turned out on Saturday 10th February to see what litter could be found in the hedges along the main roads. Once again the group was disappointed to find a large number of cans and bottles but pleased to note so few sweet and crisp wrappers. 

We feel the adults of Sark need educating about where to put their cans and bottles when empty!

Another Spring Litter Pick

A keen group once again turned out to litter pick the main roads around Sark with just over two bin bags of rubbish being collected.

Despite the wet weather everyone was in good spirits. The most interesting thing found was a very long piece of tubing. There were the usual plastic bottles and empty cans but very few crisp packets and sweet wrappers. We'll see what it is a like in a few week's time once visitors start arriving.


Sark Watch Spring Litter Pick

We held a litter pick, organised by Katie, on the last day of term to make sure that the island was ready for the season. The weather was damp so we didn't manage to do the Harbour Hill but four groups did clear litter from the main roads including the road to L'Eperquerie, the road to the Lighthouse and the roads leading to the Beauregard Pond and past the Mill.

A total of one bin-bag full was collected by the four groups, mainly glass, cans and sweet wrappers.

Joyce did a great job of removing the floating can from the pond, ready for boats to be sailed on Good Friday.



Sark Watch Autumn Litter Pick

Twenty four people, twelve children and 12 adults, turned out to help on Saturday 5th October for the Sark Watch Autumn Litter Pick.

As for the July litter pick, the sun shone as groups set off in every direction, armed with bin bags to collect litter from every main road and path on Sark.


This litter pick was timed for the end of the season and watch group members were interested to find out if there was more litter after the busy summer season or not. As in the previous litter pick, there was good and bad news.


The good news – very little litter was found with the total again for the entire island being just one full bin bag.

The bad news – there were quite a few cans and bottles picked up in the areas immediately around the Bel Air and Mermaid pubs and also in the woods by the school’s forest school site.