Little Sark

On Thursday 2nd October Class 2 went to Little Sark for the day.


A report by Finn Higham

We cycled to the Coupee and had our snack. Then we walked over the Coupee. When we got to the other side we had to look for things beginning with each letter of the alphabet, we did this while walking to the silver mines.

We went to the toilet at the Sablonnerie Gardens and as we left we were followed by Rover the dog. Mrs Hunt had to call Dawn to come and get him.

 We had lunch and then we sketched the tower. We looked inside the tower and then walked to Port Gorey to look at the ruins of the silver mine. While stopping for the toilet at the Sablonnerie Gardens again we saw Elizabeth who gave Mrs Hunt some chocolate for us.

On our walk back to the Coupee we had to count flowers, boats, butterflies and birds. After crossing the Coupee we had some of Elizabeth's chocolate and a drink before cycling back to school.