The majority of the practical music sessions Class 3 undertake are built around the school’s brass instrument band. The children learn how to play their instrument and how to read music.

 This year the class has been priveleged to have lessons with local musician Ash Jarman of 'The Recks'.

Class 3 – as the brass band - perform each year in front of an audience.

They are also able to experience music from around the world in various workshops and performances provided by visiting musicians and singers. It is through these performances that children in Class 3 are able to understand the musical traditions of other historical periods and cultures. They also enable the children to discover how emotions can be portrayed through performance and ultimately allow the pupils to develop critical appraisal skills and make sound judgements based upon what they have experienced. It is through this that they are able to establish their own preferences and justify them.

There is the opportunity to learn other instruments outside school and several children have elected to take piano lessons in their own time.