Every week we send out the Sark School Nerws containing news about what has been happening in school, examples of good work together with details about topics and important events coming up. Copies are emailed home and also posted on the website.

Week Ten

Dear parents,


With four weeks to go until the end of term, we have finalised planning for next year and want to tell you about two new initiatives that are starting in January.  

The ‘Star of the week’ programme has proved to be a really popular way of celebrating success and we will be giving the wider Sark community a chance to get involved. The ‘Community Stars’ programme is simple - nominate a child who has done something that reflects the five central tenets of our school’s ethos: community, courtesy, commitment, confidence and creativity and we will reward them with a star. I believe that the school is the heart of the community and this programme is just another way of strengthening the links between our school and the rest of the island.


A strong grasp of mental maths is huge in developing a foundation in maths and we will be launching the Disraeli maths programme in January. The Disraeli programme, also known as the 99 club, is used successfully by a number of outstanding UK primary and secondary schools and is a great way for children to improve their mental maths skills, particularly their recall of multiplication and division facts. Children start in Year 1 with the 11 Club in which they practise doubling up to 10. When they get all 11 questions correct in the 11 club they will move on to the 22 club, then the 33 club etc. Children can therefore move through the clubs at their own pace. The club goes up to the 99 club in which children have to answer 99 multiplication and division questions correctly. More details of the programme and resources you can use to  support your child will be on the website by the end of the week.


Class updates:

This week children in Class 1 have been reading Little Red Riding Hood.   They have read a number of different versions and compared similarities and differences in the telling of the story.  It is safe to say that the children preferred the version which sees the little girl take a basket of goodies to Grandma over the one in which she carefully carries a bowl of  brussel sprout soup to the dear old lady. Number bonds have been the focus in maths, alongside discussions about the properties of numbers.

Rehearsals for the nativity continue and Class 1 are beginning to sound quite tuneful (most of the time).  We look forward to seeing you on 14th December, at the Chapel.


In Class 2 this week, the children have continued their work on space and produced information texts about space exploration. The have been practising using different types of sentences (statements, questions and commands) and how to use them and some children have been looking at how to use nominalisations to make their writing more formal. In maths sessions, some children have been measuring and drawing angles with a protractor whilst others have been exploring time and how to interpret timetables and other related information. In our foundation work, the children have been exploring the phases of the moon and making timelines of the key events in the history of space exploration.


Students from Class 3 have learned how to divide decimals, apply Pythagoras theorem and simplify algebraic formula this week. The language and structure of Dracula has been the focus of English and their history studies have centred on the Peasants Revolt. The children have continued their study of  ecology in science and are creating spreadsheets in ECDL.


Stars of the week:

Class 3

Louie Adams

Esmee Byrne


Class 2

Harry Knight


Class 1


Dates for your diary:


Every Wednesday - Youth club

December 2nd - Toy service 3pm

December 13th - School Christmas fair

December 14th - Class one nativity 4pm at the Sanctuary followed by the Christmas light switch on at 5pm on the Avenue

December 17th - School Christmas performance of ‘Cinderella’s Christmas’ 6pm in the Island Hall

December 21st - End of term


Electricity Emergency Plans for Sark School

The school and Island Hall will be powered by a generator and will therefore be open throughout the forthcoming electrical issues.

Contacts if needed


Tel: 01481832601

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