Our Curriculum

The long term curriculum plan of the class is comprised of a series of themes and topics which are taught on a 4 year cycle.

As much as possible, lessons are taught through cross curricular topics. For instance, we study a Shakespeare play every year in English. Whereas subjects like Art, DT, History and even ICT may lend themselves to being linked to this topic, those subjects which do not – like, for example, Maths and Science – will be taught as separate entities.

When the topic is based on a scientific area then there will obviously be other subjects that do not lend themselves easily to it and those will be taught in isolation.

The Long term, 4 year plan, is not a static document as whole school themes and topics are occasionally inserted.

A great deal of thought has gone into the ‘balance’ of topics. In science, for instance, the 3 main disciplines need to be addressed as equally as possible, not just for those who may go away to school but also so that those that choose to stay don’t miss out, but this doesn't mean that sciences such as Ecology and Geology are not covered.

Each term ‘Medium Term Plans’ (MTPs) are written with the topics taken from the ‘Long Term’ plan at their core. The MTPs put more detail into each activity/lesson and illustrates progression from one session to the next.

Plans for Literacy and Maths are created separately and are often altered from their long term counterparts if the demands of the previous term – or half term - make it necessary to do so. 

Literacy is generally planned around ‘text-types’, with word and sentence level activities being incorporated into various text types or taught separately when they cannot be taught effectively through that methodology.

Weekly, or short term plans, are written in much more detail. They list activities and objectives or targets for each lesson.

These weekly plans may differ from the MTP and LTP if the need arises. 


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