Physical Education

Depending on the academic term children in Class 3 have PE once or twice each week.

Usually one lesson each week is taught by a member of the Sports Club.

In the autumn term this is usually football, in the spring term it is hockey, and in the summer term it is cricket. The Sports Club occasionally organises competitions and matches with other schools  from Guernsey so that the children from Sark School can compete - something they have limited opportunities to do.

 For the first half term of the academic year, and for the summer term, the second lesson is swimming. Class 3 children, like every child in the school, are split into 3 ability groups and are taught and assessed within that group. This means that children are not always swimming with their class.

Swimming lessons for Class 3 (usually the advanced group) occur at the private swimming pool at Grande Dixcart

Annual sporting events – like the Mile Race and the Sports Afternoon late in the summer term, ensure that physically gifted children are able to shine.

Cups are also awarded in the summer, which recognise individual achievements.