Quelle heure est-il?

In France the 24 hour clock is used quite a lot.

It's often obvious whether you're talking about day or night but it is common to use the 24 hour clock to tell the time so the time would be  13h30 instead of 1.30pm or 21h instead of 9pm.




What time is it?

Quelle heure est-il?

midday midi  
midnight minuit  
dawn l'aube (f)  
sunrise le lever du soleil [soleil is 'sun']
morning le matin  
afternoon l'après-midi  
day le jour  
evening le soir  
night la nuit  
sunset le coucher du soleil  
It is ... o'clock. Il est .... heures.  
It is one o'clock. Il est une heure.  
It is two o'clock. Il est deux heures. (no 's' at the end of heure is talking about 1)
It is half past ten. Il est dix heures et demie. (and a half - no 'e' at the end of demi if half past 1)
It is half past 3 (pm) Il est quinze heures et demie. (remembering to use the 24 hour clock)
quarter past et quart (and a quarter)
It is quarter past three. Il est trois heures et quart.  
quarter to moins le quart (minus a quarter)
It is quarter to five. Il est cinq heures moins le quart.  
It is ten past ten. Il est dix heures dix.

(just add the number of minutes)

It is twenty past six. Il est six heures vingt.
It is twenty five past eleven. Il est onze heures vingt-cinq.
It is twenty five to eight. Il est huit heures moins vingt-cinq. (minus the number of minutes).
It is ten to nine. Il est neuf heures moins dix.  
at ... o'clock à … heures  

Basic timetelling with Alexa where she mostly looks at o'clock and expressing times after noon - using the 24 hour clock.

More Alexa, but this time looking at more complex times such as quarter past, or quarter to etc.