Sark - A Dark Skies Island

 Stars over Sark. Photo by Sue DalyIn 2011 Sark became the world's first 'Dark Skies' Island. A title awarded by the International Dark-Sky Assocation in recognition for the celestial views afforded to residents and visitors after the sun sets.

 The Milky Way over the Avenue. Photo by Sue Daly



The Sark Astronomical Society (SAstroS), holds a STARFEST biannually, attracting astronomers to the island.

In recent years the guest speakers for these Starfests have included the public astronomer at the Greenwich observatory, Dr Marek Kukula, and the presenter of the BBCs 'The Sky at Night' programme, Dr Chris Lintott.


At the Starfest in April 2014 SAstroS unveiled its new telescope - affectionately named 'Endeavour' (seen with the Chair of SAstroS, Annie Dachinger, astronomer Bob Bower and Dr Marek Kukula).