Sark School Song Project

Our song book is published! Copies are on sale for £5. Many of the songs were  performed for the first time at our summer music concert and we are now in the process of recording them for our first CD.


Sark School was delighted to be invited to take part in the International Song Project led by Tony Triggs and the Norfolk Music School.

Tony has previosuly worked with the school on Tristan da Cunha, another very small, remote island with only one all-age school. During the project pupils wrote short poems and lyrics which were then set to music by Tony's pupils and students in Norfolk. A book of songs was published with performances both in Tristan and UK.

We are excited at the prospect of being able to work with Tony to create our own song book with songs unique to Sark, celebrating our island.

Pupils have begun writing their own poems and one of the first was inspired by our magnificent carpet of daisies on the Millennium Field and writtne by Katie and Martin.


A daisy looks beautiful in the green grass.

White petals too many to count are so soft and delicate.

The centre looks like the sun, a little bumpy and bright yellow.

Leaning towards the light on its bendy green stem,

One daisy looks delicate in the green grass but thousands together make a carpet of white.


Class 2's poem, 'Sheep Racing Day', was the first to be set to music and was performed at the end of year celebration assembly in July. We now have a further 5 songs including 'Seagulls', 'My Green Bike' and 'Seasons'.