School History

The current school building was opened in September of 2004, but it was by no means the first school on the island.

There's been a long history of education on Sark and, in fact, the previous school building, which was built in 1826, heralded a move to make Sark the first place in the British Isles to make schooling compulsory. This occurred in 1850.

Up until 2004 the school had two buildings. What is now the Visitor's Centre was the infant and junior school with the Assembly Rooms being the senior school. Older pupils had the joy of a day off school when Chief Pleas meetings were in session which I am sure they enjoyed. Operating from two buildings, without a school hall, made assemblies and other whole school events difficult. Staff could feel isolated and school facilities, in a rapidly developing world, were poor. Not only did the school lack outdoor play areas and indoor toilets but there were also very limited opportunities for modern technology. Practical lessons, such as cooking for the older pupils, took place in people's houses.

This all changed in 2004 when the school came together in its present building with purpose built classrooms, staffroom, indoor cloakrooms, playground and easy access to the large millennium field for playtimes.