Even though we do not have access to laboratories, whenever possible the nucleus of our scientific studies are practical.

Each year a balance is attempted between the separate disciplines. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Ecology are all covered to differing extents. The core sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are given priority.

Long term planning for Class 3 science was initially undertaken with reference to the DFES QCA topics for KS3 in order to ensure sufficient breadth of coverage. This was then adapted to ensure relevance and interest for the class, as well as limitations of resources and specialist techniques. All the while, it was important to keep in mind the fact that at times Year 6 children would be called upon to study Year 8 or 9 topics and vice versa. This means that all topics have to be accessible – and challenging – for the children involved.

Topics are often changed and adapted every time they are taught to address the makeup of Class 3 in a particular academic year though there is always an aim to incorporate practical investigations into a topic if the subject matter allows for it.