September Camp

Sark Watch Autumn Camp

The second Sark watch camp was held on Saturday 21st September at the Seigneurie Gardens. This time the camp was significantly larger than the August camp with over 16 tents, 25 children and 16 adults.

Tents were pitched by 5pm when the first activity began after drinks and cake. The Woodland and Garden Treasure Trail was won by Louie and Katrina, helped by their mums with a magnificent score of 50 and all 10 objects found. Second place went to the Highams and Bournes with third place being won by Cameron and his mum and dad.

After supper of homemade soup, sandwiches and more cake it was time for a variety of woodland games and activities. Unfortunately a heavy mist had descended over Sark, which although it didn’t dampen spirits, made the bats reluctant to fly resulting in a very disappointing bat walk around the north of the island.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows were followed by bedtime for some of the younger children and games of sardines in the dark for the rest of the group.

In the morning, after drinks and cake, everyone took part in the creative woodland challenge with some amazing pieces of art being created by the mixed age groups including a great 3D Christmas tree. This gave time for fires to be lit and the bacon to be cooked for breakfast.

After breakfast soggy tents were packed, still wet from the overnight mist and by 10am the camp was over. 2014 promises a spring camp and a whole school camping trip to Herm in July.