The Russian Revolution

The events of 1917 reshaped the country of Russia. Up until then the Tsars had ruled the land. The current ruling family, the Romanovs, had been in charge for 300 years.

The last Tsar, Nicholas II, was ruler in a time of war and deprivation. The poor starved while the wealthy prospered. A disastrous war with Japan broke the country financially - it already wasn't doing very well in that regard - and then the country got mixed up in World War I. By 1917 there had already been 2 million Russian casualties.

Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik party, was determined for change. This change culminated in the house imprisonment, and later murder, of the entire Royal family: Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alixandra and their five children.

A 4.5 minute video example of the documentary expected to be completed by Class 3.

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The following video is episode 8 of a series on the Romanovs available on YouTube. Nicholas II's reign begins 20 minutes into the programme.