The Timetable

Below is this half term's timetable - though it is flexible and can change when the need arises.

Our current timetable is:

The school day for class 3 runs from 9am to 12pm (with a 15 minute break at 10.40am) and from 1.20pm to 3.30pm. This means that there is 4 hrs 55 minutes teaching time in class 3 each day (24 hours 35 minutes each week as opposed to the UK guideline of 23 hours 30 minutes in Primary School and 25 hours in Secondary School).

On the whole the timetable is dominated by English and Maths but the timetable is a guide and not a strictly adhered to regimen.

Regardless of how recently the timetable has been adjusted (and it can alter as often as every half term), it is still a flexible, fluid schedule. Lessons can sometimes overrun or can be inserted when the timetable does not suggest they will occur. This may mean others are rescheduled, are added, or are abandoned completely depending on the specific needs at that time.