Useful Links

The site to practise IXL Maths skills.

The BBCs KS2 Bitesize site for help with English, Maths and Science.

The BBCs KS3 Bitesize site for help with aspects of English, Maths, Geography, History, ICT and Science.

The Skoool site for help in maths and science.

[The link takes you to the KS3 site but links exist on the page for Key Stages 1,2 and 4]

The BBC also have pages dedicated to FrenchScience, Nature, Space and History. Or just go to the schools site and look through the links.

Subject Related Links


MATHS: Play a selection of games at Math Playground

HISTORY: History Learning Site, Digital History (American site), BBC History (British site listed above), The National Archives (British Government site with information for students and teachers in the Education section), Spartacus Educational, SchoolHistory,

ICT: Learn how to write computer code at codecademy and learn how to write html code here.

FRENCH: Learn a language at Duolingo or get some study help with the BBC.


Other Useful Links


Copyright free images are available for reports etc. at Pics4Learning.

FactMonster as a useful link for information on various curriculum areas.


National Geographic Kids site for information catered to Children's research projects and interests.


The adult version of the above site with more information for research projects.