Verbs - avoir (to have) être (to be)

This table shows the conjugations of the present tense verbs for 'to have' and 'to be'.

Included in the embedded videos are the other tenses of these verbs.

to have

avoir to be être
I have j'ai I am je suis
You have (informal) tu as You are (informal) tu es
He has il a He is il est
She has elle a She is elle est
We have (informal) on a We are (informal) on est
We have nous avons We are nous sommes
You have (formal/plural) vous avez You are (formal/plural) vous êtes
They have (masculine/mixed) ils ont They are (masculine/mixed) ils sont
They have (feminine) elles ont They are (feminine) elles sont

Avoir - Present tense

Just as in English, verbs exist in different tenses.

Avoir - past tense

Avoir - Future tense

Avoir - Imperfect tense


être - present tense

être - past tense

être - future tense

être - Imperfect tense