Our Vision

Our vision is to develop an excellent educational system, which is driven by high standards of teaching and learning. 


At Sark School, we aim:


  • To provide each child with a high standard of education in a caring and supportive family atmosphere;

  • To address the needs of a growing child, in an environment where children are respected and valued as individuals;

  • To challenge thinking and promote independence that embraces life-long learning skills;

  • To help each individual child develop positive attitudes to learning and life, building self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline;

  • To provide and encourage participation in a wide range of experiences, such as sport, music, arts, technology and volunteer programs, amongst others, in an environment where mutual respect and collaboration are fostered both in and out of school;

  • To build a strong and successful partnership with parents, carers and the island community as a whole.


Sark School fosters a community of learners who are confident, creative and challenged to achieve their full potential within a safe, happy and supportive environment. We provide a strong foundation for social and emotional learning, value led education, high expectations for academic teaching and learning, pride in our academic achievements and learning environment, and the provision of a safe and secure learning environment for the whole school community.


Underpinning our vision will be an exciting, relevant and inspiring school curriculum; excellent support to meet the needs of every child; first-rate systems for tracking, identifying and celebrating children’s progress; and effective day-to-day assessment and marking of children’s work. 


Ensuring that all children make good or better progress in reading, writing and numeracy is one of our core purposes. All staff will consistently use the most effective methods for teaching these basic skills.


Classrooms will be vibrant, supportive and welcoming. They will be full of children motivated by positive, well-paced and purposeful lessons. These lessons will be delivered by staff that are passionate about the children’s success. 


Every parent/carer will be able to feel proud of their child’s/children’s achievements and, most importantly, will know exactly what these are. Clear guidance will be given about the best ways to support our pupils with their learning out of School.


At Sark School, the well-being and the education of our pupils matters more than anything else. Every child who attends Sark School will have the best possible start. We are a small school with big ambitions.