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Term Dates 2023/2024

Michaelmas Term

INSET: Monday 4 September to Wednesday 6 September

Term begins: Thursday 7 September

Half term: Monday 16 October to Friday 27 October

Term ends: Thursday 21 December

Lent Term

INSET: Wednesday 3 January

Term begins: Tuesday 4 January

Half term: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February

Term ends: Thursday 28 March

Summer Term

INSET: Monday 15 April

Term begins: Tuesday 16 April

School closed (bank holiday): Monday 6 May

School closed (Liberation Day): Friday 10 May

Half term: Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May

Term ends: Thursday 25 July

Term Dates 2024/2025

Michaelmas Term

INSET: Thursday 29 August to Friday 30 August

Term begins: Monday 2 September

Half term: Monday 21st October to Friday 1st November

Term ends: Friday 20 December

Lent Term

INSET: Monday 6 January

Term begins: Tuesday 7 January

Half term: Monday 24th February to Friday 28 February

Term ends: Tuesday 15 April

Summer Term

INSET: Monday 28 April

Term begins: Tuesday 29 April

School closed (bank holiday): Monday 5 May

INSET: Tuesday 6 May

Liberation day: Saturday 10th May

Half term: Monday 26 May to Friday 30 May

Term ends: Thursday 22 July

The School Day

Despite there being slight differences between the day-to-day operations in each class, the general structure of a typical day at Sark School looks like this. 

  • The school gates open at 8:15am - The children get themselves ready for the day by putting bags and coats in their lockers before playing in the playground until the bell rings at 8:30am.

  • Children then make their way to class and spend the first two hours of the day in lessons, which at this time of day are usually maths and English.

  • At 10:30am, the children make their way to assembly where, depending on the day of the week, they may share work completed in class over the previous week, learn to sing as a group, listen to a story with a specific theme or enjoy a visit from Rev. David Stolton, the Island’s minister.

  • After this, the children have a short break until 11:00am when they have a snack and a drink and, depending on weather, enjoy the run of the field directly outside of the school.

  • At 11:00am the children return to class and continue with lessons - usually topic based lessons such as science, history or geography.

  • Lunch time is between 12:00am and 12:45pm. The children bring in a packed lunch, eat either inside or outside depending on the weather and then have some free time to play on the field or the playground. 

  • Directly after lunch (until 1:15pm) is guided-reading time. Children get into groups and explore different texts under the guidance of their teachers.

  • Between 1:15pm and 2:15pm the children continue with topic based lessons.

  • After this, the children have a quick break in which to get ready for enrichment activities and to stretch their legs.

  • Enrichment runs between 2:30pm and 4:30pm, after which time the children go home.

School Forms

Calendar Pages

Calendar Dates - 2024

Monday 1st July-Wednesday 3rd July Residential trip
Friday 5th July-Summer Fete 2pm-4pm
Monday 15th July- School Photo Day
Tuesday 16th July- King Charles and Queen Camilla in Guernsey
Thursday 18th July- Entertainment Evening 6pm
Wednesday 24th July- Mile Race, Sports Day, Prize Giving
Thursday 25th July- school closes midday

August 29th & 30th- INSET
Monday 2nd September- School re-opens to children


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